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      Strengthen Your Network and Your Operations 

      You rely on your communications network to quickly transmit data crucial to your operations. Now, you need to improve insight into usage, peak loads, changes in demand, distribution rates, and other factors, while supporting initiatives for smarter, greener, and more efficient resource management.

      Take Your Network to the Next Level

      American Tower helps electricity, natural gas, and water providers evolve their networks and transmit more data, faster. Take advantage of our flexible network infrastructure options and expertise to support the latest industry applications and initiatives:

      • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
      • FirstNet?
      • Smart grids and Field Area Networks (FANs)
      • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
      • Telemetry

      FirstNet? is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Commerce, First Responder Network Authority.

      Find Taller, More Robust Towers

      Upgrade to taller towers with higher radiation (RAD) centers to take your network to more remote locations.

      American Tower offers more collocation opportunities on taller towers than any other provider in the U.S. All our towers, no matter where they are located, are maintained to the strictest Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards, so you don’t have to worry about aging or decaying network infrastructure.

      Think Beyond Traditional Options

      Consider new ways to expand and strengthen your network:

      • Take your network right to street level, where so many utility meters are located. We offer fast and easy access to networks of smart poles that reinforce your network in the densest urban environments.
      • Build a tower exactly where you need it. We have the resources and experience to support your build every step of the way.

      Eliminate Operational Burdens

      Reduce the time and effort associated with managing communications sites.

      American Tower offers flexible services and solutions to help you simplify operations and control costs:

      Industry Participation

      American Tower actively participates in industry associations, conferences, and trade shows, including:

      Utilities-Mobile-Logo UTC NAWC American Water Works Distributech
      Utilities-Desktop-Logo UTC NAWC American Water Works Distributech

      Utilities Technology Council? is a registered trademark of the Utilities Technology Council.
      National Rural Electric Cooperative Association? is a registered trademark of National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.
      American Water Works Association? and AWWA? are registered trademarks of the American Water Works Association.
      DistribuTECH? is a registered trademark of Pennwell Corporation.

      Aqua-Metric Leverages American Tower Resources for AMI Network

      Aqua-Metric Case Sudy
      As a one-stop shop tower operator, they [American Tower] were a valuable part of our team allowing us to focus on designing and installing our solution

      - Paul Morrison, Director of Project Delivery, Aqua-Metric


      Meet Our Team

      Carlos Sayles

      David Flint

      Manager, Vertical Markets

      David has more than 20 years of telecommunications industry experience. As a long-time member of the American Tower sales organization, he’s had both regional and national responsibilities. Today, he’s leading business development for our energy initiatives, including the Oil & Gas and utilities markets.

      david.flint@americantower.com843-971-8385, ext. 2481

      More About Our Solutions


      Get the Support You Deserve

      Get the Support You Deserve

      When you choose to work with American Tower, we want to ensure you feel continually supported. Our teams take customer service seriously, and we are committed to providing a positive experience to every customer, every time.